[CHALLENGEPREMIUMARES] Frédéric Lagrange looks back on his victory at the 7-years-old PremiuMares Challenge in 2018

The second edition of the PremiuMares Young Horses Challenges starts tomorrow at GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break! As a reminder, the PremiuMares challenges are back this year at GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break, GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Summer Tour and LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC. All the Young Horses classes allow the riders to collect valuable points: at the end, a 4 to 5 days trip for the winner of the 6 years old and for the winner of the 7 years old in a splendid villa in Greece. Last year, Bergamo de l’Yserand, daughter of Diamant de Semilly, distinguished herself throughout the 7-years-old Challenge, allowing her rider Frederic Lagrange to take the lead in the ranking, and win the trip to Greece offered by PremiuMares.


GRANDPRIX: What do you think of the PremiuMares Challenge?

Frédéric Lagrange: « I would like to thank PremiuMares very much for this challenge. It is a great way to reward the horse’s regularity throughout the season. My mare has always performed well in every competition and this victory was a real reward. »

GP. : How was the last step of the Challenge at LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC?

F.L. : « The last step at the LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC was played neck and neck with Alexis Deroubaix. During all the steps of the Challenge, I really didn’t think I would win until the last minute! There was a lot of suspense. Alexis Deroubaix came out with 4 points from the Grand Prix and that’s what allowed me to take the lead in the ranking. It was a real surprise when I was told that my mare had won, I didn’t expect it. »

GP. : Did you have time to go on this wonderful journey?

F.L.: « I haven’t had the opportunity to leave yet, but I have met Milena Pappas [founder of PremiuMares] on several occasions during competitions and she has given me a taste of this beautiful surprise that awaits me! I look forward to enjoying it. »

GP. : Will we have the opportunity to meet you again for the second edition of the PremiuMares Challenge this year?

F.L.: « I don’t have any young horses to train this year and so I would unfortunately not be part of the Challenge for this edition. I would still be present at GRANDPRIX CLASSIS Spring Break and LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC with about twenty horses. I hope to come back soon with new young horses and why not win again this very beautiful gift! »

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