Oscar et Gabrielle for safety and chic !

You probably know this famous and chic competition jacket with an incorporated airbag to protect you in case of a fall. Yes, it’s the Oscar and Gabrielle competition jacket! This new brand is THE reference of jackets with an incorporated Helite Zip’in Airbag.
Jackets, sleeveless jackets and competition jackets are available in men’s, women’s and children ranges to offer you safety in all circumstances.

How it works ? An elastic strap is connected to your saddle. If you fall, the carabiner detaches and the jacket inflates in 0.1 seconds. This is the fastest time for an airbag! Thus, the jacket is inflated even before you are on the ground. It cushions shocks, protects the spine and deflates automatically.
The fabric of the jacket has been chosen for its extraordinary elasticity: it is elastic enough to receive the inflated airbag and returns to its original deflation shape. In addition, a jacket adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and allows it to breathe easily. Finally, this jacket is UV-resistant and withstands longer wear than other conventional fabrics.
Good to know: the bottle of the airbag is replaceable!

Oscar and Gabrielle will reward the best CSI ** lady rider from the second Spring Break (11 to 13 May) and the Summer Tour (20 to 29 July). Ladies, this is the perfect opportunity to win the jacket of your dreams!

More information: oscaretgabrielle.com

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