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Anthika (Anthony Boughaba) offers you a comprehensive well-being service ranging from a look at the horse in motion, to massages and advice on suitable supplements and care products. He collaborates in particular with quality brands such as Alodis Care, Happy crackers, SIIA Horswear having as a common objective the well-being of the horse.

Anthony Boughaba has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the sport horse through his career as a show jumping rider and teacher, as an equine masseur but also through his experience with 5 * riders and grooms.

Anthika offers a local service and comes to your home to provide tailor-made support throughout the year.

Butet has, for over 30 years, created minimalist, elegant saddles with an incomparable finish that appeal to riders in search of accuracy.

Atelier Butet strives to imagine saddles of a finesse comparable to the excellent know-how of its saddler craftsmen. Objects of desire and of a certain idea of riding, Butet saddles are not the best saddles in the world. They are simply the best saddles possible for their owner and their mount, anywhere in the world. In his place, in perfect balance, discreetly demanding: this is the portrait of the rider Butet, in search of optimal comfort for him as for his horse.

Today, Butet saddles, assembled from their 90 pieces of leathers in Saumur, seduce riders and enthusiasts all over the world.

Cheval Liberté was founded by Denis Rulquin (1949-2006), founder of the group in 1995 with the ambition of producing, at excellent value for money, vans and boxes that meet customer expectations.

Today, Grégory and Fabien Rulquin are jointly investing in developing Cheval Liberté in France and internationally. The Cheval Liberté group focuses on several activities: the manufacture of boxes, stables and accessories, the rental of boxes with more than 4000 available in Europe, the manufacture of towed vans, the manufacture of accessories for the equipment of trucks. of horses and finally the manufacture and rental of tents and marquees for events.

Cheval Shop, it’s the largest selection of equestrian, rider and stable equipment! With more than 15 years of experience, find the advice of professionals and enthusiasts in their 8 saddlery and on their website. Every week, new products and special offers are to be discovered.

Their asset is a complete range of animal and rider equipment, and a variety of seasonal accessories, from summer shirts to winter jackets. CHEVAL SHOP is a multi-channel distributor of horse riding items.

Compositi is a Belgian brand of innovative equestrian accessories. Established in the early 1990s, Compositi has grown over the years to become one of the best specialists in technical polymer riding equipment.

Guided by the constant search for improvement and quality, the Compositi brand continues to develop its range of accessories for riding while taking care to respect its line of conduct: innovation and design at the service of the rider and his horse.

All Compositi products are designed, developed and manufactured in Belgium from one of the strongest polymers from Dupont®. The implementation techniques and the meticulous work of their engineers aim to offer Compositi customers high performance equipment at the best value for money.

Devoucoux is fully committed to the relationship between rider and horse and has worked there without reserve since 1985. 

A constantly evolving heritage which makes its models grow between elegance, technicality and comfort.

Innovative by nature and attentive to its environment, the Maison Devoucoux does not hesitate to combine the latest technologies with its know-how: D3D panels, vegetable tanned leather or alternative materials, it is constantly investing so that its global references remain and that its novelties become so. This is his special way of making passion last.

Excel Suppléments is a Spanish producer of unique nutritional supplements for horses. The products offer a combination of omega 3, 6, 9 and other nutritional components.

Excel Supplements products provide many features: immunity, muscle development, joint health, lung support and hoof care.

They are produced from their own sustainable plantations and are fully traceable to farmers. Quality is at the heart of their work: all products are subject to strict internal quality controls throughout the manufacturing process and rigorous product testing to ensure the highest quality standards.

FreeJump, created to meet the needs of horse riding enthusiasts, is today a reference for innovation and high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of riders and horses.

Since its creation in 2001, thanks to its close and continuous collaboration with the best riders in the world and its attentive response to the needs of amateur riders, Freejump has constantly improved the competitiveness of its products.

The primary goal of Freejump is and will always be to bring innovation to the equestrian world.

Les maisons de Charlotte is a company created in 2018 by the Hermon family and managed by Charlotte Hermon.

Charlotte’s goal? To renovate the unused buildings in the family stables.

Charlotte’s houses now include three cottages, two located within the De Beaumont Stables and one located in the heart of Deauville

You can therefore choose between a stay in the countryside with the possibility to bring your horse and enjoy the stables or to be in the town centre, 100 metres from the beach.

Les maisons de Charlotte are the ideal place to meet up for a weekend or a few weeks.

Wine’T Box is a concept intended to promote a wine tourism destination through “know-how”. It is the synthesis of a diversified experience of more than 25 years in the field of marketing and promotion of the wine industry and tourism in France and abroad for the creator of the Wine’T Box.

Rachelle’s Wine’T Box is an ecological and reusable gift box: it consists of 12 cases of different sizes numbered from 1 to 12, n ° 12 can accommodate a bottle of champagne or wine (except Alsace type or Loire valley). By its simplicity, the box is adaptable to all life events.

The boxes are tailor-made, favoring products from the craftsmanship and know-how of Champagne and France.

In collaboration with Anthika and the Ecuries de la Roche Moreau, a WINE HORSE BOX intended for riders and their horse has for example been concocted.