[#PREMIUMARESCHALLENGES] PremiuMares Challenges of Young Horses are back this year!

After last year’s success, PremiuMares challenges are back for a second edition at GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break, GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Summer Tour and LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC. How does it work? All the Young Horses classes allow you to accumulate points in order to allow the two winning riders to win a 4 to 5 day trip to Greece offered by PremiuMares!

First points to get from GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break!
This year again, all the CSI Young Horses classes (6 and 7 years old) at GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break, GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Summer Tour and LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC (only 7 years old) are now supporting the PremiuMares challenges which will reward the best 6 y.o horse and the best 7 y.o horse. The rules are simple: depending on the coefficient of the event, the first twenty riders are awarded a certain number of points. Each day, these points are calculated to update the rankings of the best young horses. And it is the young horse who have collected the most points at the end of the PremiuMares challenges that will be rewarded! For the 6 y.o, the prize will be awarded to the winner at the end of GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Summer Tour (from July 18 to 21 and from July 26 to 28). The 7 y.o have one more round at LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC (coef 2), from August 15 to 18 at the Pôle International Longines de Deauville.

A trip to a splendid villa in Greece
If it is officially the best young horses who are rewarded, but it is rather their riders who will be able to enjoy the sublime journey offered by PremiuMares! The stakes are high since PremiuMares will offer two trips to Greece (one for the 6 y.o winner and one for the 7 y.o winner) in a magnificent villa, for four to five days. The trip also includes the cost of transport on the island up to a maximum of 500€ for each trip. Cradle of Western civilization and bordered on the one hand by the Aegean Sea and on the other by the Ionian Sea, Greece is a jewel of the Mediterranean with splendid wild coasts and magnificent traditional blue and white villages hanging from the cliffs.

Last year, in the 6 y.o category, it was Christel Boulard who won the PremiuMares 2018 Challenge with Wife de Soie Z at the end of GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break and Summer Tour and was therefore rewarded by this incredible prize. In the LONGINES DEAUVILLE CLASSIC, after many twists and turns, it was Frédéric Lagrange and his daughter of Diamant de Semilly, Bergamo de l’Yserand, who had won among the 7 y.o with a total of 627 points on their score, whereas they were only third in the ranking after the Summer Tour!

With less than two weeks to go before the start of GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Spring Break, it is time to hire your best young horses (applications close on April 22nd).

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